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Sunoco 91/94 octane vs. Shell V-Power 91 octane.

As the official fuel of NASCAR, Sunoco is known for quality fuel that keeps you moving. Find a gas station near you, apply for a credit card, or sign up for a rewards card today. 19/06/2013 · My local Sunoco gas station offer ultra 93 for 2 cents more than premium 91. I normally use 91 octane and last night I decided to go 93. This is my.

For example – Sunoco Ultra 93 typically has a RON of 98 and a MON of 88, thus yielding an AKI of 9888/2 = 93. If you look closely at the yellow octane labels at gas stations, you’ll see the RM/2 description under the big octane numbers. We provide all the octane numbers for all our race fuels – RON, MON, and AKI. Octane Stability: High Octane vs Low Octane Fuels. Octane is the most talked about property when it comes to gasoline. It’s no surprise because selecting octane of gasoline is the only choice the consumer has, except what station to buy it from. 24/03/2007 · What percentages of ethanol are Sunoco's various grades of gasoline87, 89, 91, and 93 octane? I have contacted Sunoco via email and phone and not gotten a straight forward answer. All they will say is that the gasoline "may contain up to 10% ethanol", which essentially tells me nothing.

Find a Sunoco gas station nearby with the Station Locator. Search by address, city, state or ZIP code to quickly find gas in your area now. You can narrow your search by products or services that meet your needs, such as diesel gas stations near you. Fuel Finder Fuel Selector Fuels Racing About Us History Winner's Circle Sunoco Society Merchandise Tech Corner Contact Fuels Show All Leaded Unleaded Octane > 105 Octane. The Dirt Kings Tour Sunoco Rookie of the Year Battle has truly been a battle! Congrats to everyone who has earned free fuel so far, this year including Kyle Raddant. Good luck in the final races of 2019! @dirtkingstour sunocosociety sunocoracing fuelingvictories. Mixing Fuels and Calculating Octane. We often get these two questions: Can I mix fuels? What is the octane when I mix them? The answer to 1 is easy. Yes, you can mix any of our race fuels. But remember – if your engine needs an unleaded fuel, you don’t want to mix leaded with unleaded.

This category lists our High Performance Sunoco Race Fuels based on their Octane Rating. Although we believe the Octane Rating is only one aspect to consider when deciding on the best fuel to meet your performance needs, it is the most common starting point. Sunoco fuels do not contain MMT, a manganese-based fuel additive banned by the EPA in certain types of fuels. Choose Your Octane. Sunoco is the only major gasoline retailer to sell four grades of gasoline in the United States: Regular 87 octane Plus 89 octane Premium 91 octane Ultra®93; What octane is right for your car? 21/08/2017 · However, I've switched this year to 90/91 octane non-ethanol pump gas and 50:1 Stihl Ultra. I also have a bit of Stihl Moto-mix that I will run during the slow season from now on to avoid draining. Plenty of years that saw sat over the winter with a partial tank of.

P/B With Sunoco E15 91 Octane GAS At Irwindale CA I no im not a challenger but this is to show you my octane test with the new SUNOCO E15 98 Octane gas i mixed with 87 oct to make our CA 91 gas equal everyone elses 91 oct as were mandated to 1.8% oxy in CA and everone else has 3.3/3.5% OXY. How to get 91 octane gas in an 87/89/93 area? October 22, 2009 5:00 PM Subscribe. How can I get 91 octane gas in an area that seems to sell only 87/89/93? What sort of damage might I have caused to a new vehicle by filling it with 87 for a little while?. Sunoco has 91. Sunoco 112-Octane Racing Fuel. For competition engines operating over 7000 rpm. More details. $74.00. Sunoco 116-Octane Racing Fuel. For engines with high-compression ratios. More details. $89.00. Sunoco Race Jug Clear 5-gallon utility jug. More details. $37.99. Sunoco Race Jug Green 5-gallon utility jug. Sunoco was Penske Racing's sponsor of choice for many years, particularly in the SCCA Trans-Am Series, where Roger Penske's Sunoco Camaros won the championship in 1968 and 1969. Sunoco also sponsored Penske Porsches in the SCCA Can-Am series, and won the Indianapolis 500 in 1972 with Penske and driver Mark Donohue. 05/12/2014 · Sunoco used to offer 94 octane where others would only offer 93, great for heading to the dragstrip or driving my old big block V8 around, and there was a noticable difference! But in recent years, at least in our state MA their 94 octane fuel wouldn't comply with emissions regs, so they had to give up on the 'ultra' and just sell 93 octane E10 like everybody else.

Gas91 or 93 from Sunoco Tacoma World.

10/02/2006 · The only Sunoco with which I'm familiar is two hours away, so I don't know if they've changed. Getting 94 octane hasn't been a big deal with me because the local stations which carry 92 octane all use a blended fuel containing some alcohol. I haven't had any detonation problems at all running 10.5 to 1 in my 327. Again, octane rating and reason to use certain levels is not opinion nor theory. It's science and proven over and over again. The etecs can get away with 87 due to a knock sensor but the engine was designed and calibrated to run a minimum of 91 octane.

Sunoco Gas Stations Near You Find Nearest.

22/04/2019 · I have been thinking about buying some Sunoco Race fuel and seeing if I notice a difference. If I decide on doing this I plan on filling my car about 5/8 to 3/4 full with 93 octane and then mix the rest with the race fuel. Anything over 98 octane will not benefit the car in anyway. 14/07/2017 · I have had excellent results with BJ's 93 octane gas and it is at a good price too. As of April 2017 Sunoco is top tier as all their gas now has the same detergents as their NASCAR fuel which. the choices are 87, 89, and 93 at every station I've ever been to. Have never seen 91. A new Mobil with high volume just opened near me. Depends. Sunoco has it available, but so does Shell. It is up to the dealer if he wnats to put a pump in for it. Persoannly, I think there will come a day when most stations will offer it has a third alternative to 87-89-91 octane. Beats the crap out of ethanol added gas by a. 20/05/2017 · 87 octane Vs 93 octane, Is premium fuel a scam ? Let's find out! Subscribe here: Follow us on Social Media: Instagram.

25/04/2014 · I bought 10 gallons of 104 Octane Race Fuel so that I can go dyno with it. I've heard people say that race fuel allows a car to make power because it burns cleaner and faster, and I've also heard that race fuel makes a car loses power because the car is not tuned for the higher octane. Most gas stations in the United States offer three octane grades: regular 87 octane, mid-grade 89 to 90 octane and premium 91 to 94 octane, according to the Anti-Knock Index. Sunoco is the only large American chain to offer four grades of gasoline. The octane rating. 15/07/2017 · I know most companies have their additive packages added as the truck is filled to the generic gas. This is what makes them unique. Some will say they don't do it but I would say they do as we know one bitter employe and you know what hits the fan. Interesting info on Sunoco process. Top Tier only mentions one type of Sunoco however.

26/03/2015 · Sunoco is a popular one that offers both 91 and 93 octane. I made the switch to 91 Octane from 93 two years ago because Trifecta told me it was "safe" and there is anywhere from $.2 / gal to $.10/gal savings between the grades depending on the station. 26/12/2014 · 91 Octane Ethanol Free Gas OK The results are in. I took a contracting job two counties away and made 27 round trips of 120 miles each on 91 octane ethanol free gas over the last two months. Each trip was over state roads with 55 mph speed limits and nine speed zones traps in each direction. 17/12/2014 · My plan is to combine 91 octane ethanol free pump gas with VP 110. But the average of 1:1 ratio is going to be 100.5 octane. I want 100, but more importantly I wanted to know how to figure out the octane mathematically. What if I find 93 octane and use VP 112 race fuel? How do I achieve 100 octan.

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